Top Picks from More NY Art Fairs

Pulse Art Fair in New York

The scene at Pulse art fair in New York City 2011

I am pleased to share my top picks from my visits to the New York art fairs this past week. Get a taste here of exciting artworks by new rising stars as well as accomplished contemporary artists, from PULSE, SCOPE and INDEPENDENT art fairs. (See my last blog for my picks of The Armory Show.)

Check out my photos, and feel free to contact me for more details.

Top picks of Pulse, Scope and Independent art fairs, New York 2011:

Nancy Lorenz at Pulse NY 2011

At Pulse: Nancy Lorenz, Wave II, mother of pearl and pigment on panel, 36 x 72 inches

Seong Chun at Pulse NY 2011

At Pulse: Three works by Seong Chun, hand-typed text on crocheted paper

David Maisel at Pulse 2011 NY

At Pulse: David Maisel's aerial photographs of the Great Salt Lake form abstract patterns and breathtaking colors. This piece is Terminal Mirage 2, 2003, C-print, ed. 10, 29 x 29 inches.

Hadieh Shafie artwork at Pulse NY 2011

At Pulse: Hadieh Shafie, 14,635 Pages, 2011, acrylic and ink on paper with printed and hand-written Farsi text, 30 x 30 x 3 inches. The text in this piece, eshghe (translation love), is written repeatedly inside the rolls of paper used to create the work.

Federico Uribe artwork at Scope NY 2011

At Scope: Federico Uribe's cloud and rain is a construction of found objects including vinyl records, CD's, paper clips, and plastic ties.

Stephen Zirwes photograph at Scope NY 2011

At Scope: Stephan Zirwes, Watertower - Dubai, C-print on dibond and reverse plexiglas, ed. 6, 47 x 38 inches

Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers artwork at Scope 2011 NY

At Scope: A colossal-sized popsicle and a pair of empty sticks, titled Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, is by Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers. It is a series of 20 available in a choice of five flavors, made of fiberglass, wood and paint, 70 x 70 x 10 inches.

Independent art fair 2011 in New York

Independent, an alternative art fair in its second year, is held at the former DIA Center for the Arts space in Chelsea.

Ida Eckblad at Independent 2011 NY

At Independent: Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad's Forepart of a Lion, 2010, welded steel, rope, cast concrete, 88 x 61 x 39 inches

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