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Hiroshi Sugimoto Photoraph HIROSHI SUGIMOTO

HIROSHI SUGIMOTO (Japanese, b. 1948)
Stanford Theatre, 1992
Gelatin silver print
20 x 24 inches
Edition of 25

In his Theaters photographs, an ongoing series the artist began over 40 years ago, Hiroshi Sugimoto attempts to reveal time in photography. A film has been projected onto the screen, and the exposure time of the photograph is the length of the entire film. His exquisite black and white images are crafted with a turn-of-the-century box camera. Hiroshi Sugimoto has had solo exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Osaka (1989), Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (1994), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2000), Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin and Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (2000), Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (2003), Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. (2006), and Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin (2008), among others. Also an accomplished architect, Sugimoto lives and works in New York and Tokyo.

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Damien Hirst Your Heart The Wonder of You Butterfly Print DAMIEN HIRST

DAMIEN HIRST (British, b. 1965)
Your Heart (from the series The Wonder of You), 2015
Polymer-gravure etching with lithographic overlay in colors on wove paper
36 1/4 x 26 3/8 inches (92 x 67 cm)
Edition of 55
Signed on recto; numbered on verso

Damien Hirst is a leading figure in the Young British Artist (YBA) movement of the 1990s. Key themes in his art are life’s mortality and modern science’s palliative, seductive allure. The butterfly, with its ephemeral lifespan, is a frequent subject of his work. In 2012, Hirst showed what went on to be one of his most controversial work in decades, the installation In and Out of Love, which consisted of two white windowless rooms in which over 9,000 butterflies flitted around and died. His artistic practice varies wildly, from dead animals submerged in formaldehyde, to ominous medicine cabinets, to paintings of color spots with pharmaceutical names. A winner of the coveted Turner Prize in 1995, Hirst’s works are held in major collections such as the Tate Gallery in London and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.

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Matthew Brandt, Waterfall Series, Stepping Stone Falls 3 MATTHEW BRANDT

MATTHEW BRANDT (American, 1982)
Stepping Stone Falls 3 Y3M1C2, 2016
From the series Waterfalls
Multi-Layered Duraclear Prints processed with Flint River, Michigan water in LED Lightbox
88 3/4″ × 48 3/4″
© the artist and courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery

Matthew Brandt is an artist who pushes the boundaries of photography. Brandt sees his work as both photograph and “art object”. And he feels it’s important to retain the experimental nature that photography allows.

The subjects of his photographs are more than just a passive element. He often fuses the subject with its medium, using unorthodox, but pertinent, materials found on-location to produce the photograph.

His new series, “Waterfalls”, are politically charged images, calling attention to the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan. After photographing Stepping Stone Falls close to Flint, the prints spend weeks exposed to a steady flow of water in the artist’s studio using the very same water he collected from the Flint River.

Contact Perkey Fine Art Advisor to learn more and for information on artworks by Matthew Brandt available for sale.

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Robert Mapplethorpe photograph ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE

ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE (American, 1946-1989)
Double Jack-in-the-Pulpit, 1988
Dye-transfer print
22 ½ x 22 inches
Edition of 7

American artist Robert Mapplethorpe’s provocative and powerful photographs have established him as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.

Two complementary museum exhibitions of Mapplethorpe’s work are on view now through July 31, 2016 in Los Angeles. One is at the J. Paul Getty Museum and another at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Each of these shows highlight different aspects of the artist’s body of work.

Contact Perkey Fine Art Advisor to learn more and for information on Robert Mapplethorpe photographs for sale.

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Ed Moses art painting for sale ED MOSES

ED MOSES (American, B. 1926)
Aleff, 2015
Wood, copper rails and paint
72 x 52 inches
(Courtesy William Turner Gallery)

American artist Ed Moses is known as an innovator, experimenting with new artistic processes and unconventional materials throughout his long career. He has been a significant figure in contemporary art in Los Angeles since his first solo exhibition at the legendary Ferus Gallery in 1958. “Aleff” is one of Ed Moses’ newest works. Copper rails bracket the sides of the colorful, rugged painting and a chain creates a graceful arc across the surface.

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Doug Aitken Art DOUG AITKEN

DOUG AITKEN (American, B.1968)
BAD, 2014
Glass, colored mirror glass and high-density foam
32 x 82 x 11 1/2 inches
Edition of 4 plus 2 artist’s proofs

Multi-media artist Doug Aitken’s innovative artworks lead viewers into a world where time, space and memory are fluid concepts. His body of work ranges widely from photography and sculpture to video works and installations.

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Betty Gold Mallorca II 2014 steel sculpture BETTY GOLD

BETTY GOLD (American, 1935)
Mallorca II, 2014
Powder coated steel
28 x 24 x 22 inches
Courtesy FP Contemporary

Geometric-abstract sculptor and painter Betty Gold is widely known for her steel sculptures, creating monumental public works and smaller-scale sculptures that have been collected globally for more than fifty years.

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Marilyn Minter Leggings MARILYN MINTER

MARILYN MINTER, (American, 1948)
Leggings, 2009
Chromogenic Print (C-print)
59 3/8 by 44 1/2 inches

Marilyn Minter is like an alchemist who transforms grit into glamour. Her photographs and photo-realistic paintings, at once seductive, sensual and decadent, continue to be highly in demand with collectors and museums.

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Andy Moses Los Angeles California Artist Abstract Landscape Painting ANDY MOSES

ANDY MOSES, (American, 1962)
Morphology 1204, 2013
acrylic on concave panel
60 x 54 inches
(Courtesy William Turner Gallery)

California-based artist Andy Moses is interested in pushing the physical properties of paint through chemical reactions, viscosity interference, and gravity to create elaborate compositions that mimic nature and its forces. His paintings are simultaneously abstract and representational, giving perceptions of natural vistas such as distant landscapes, moving water, or aerial views.

Contact Perkey Fine Art Advisor for more information on this painting and other available works by Andy Moses.

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JAMES TURRELL, (American, 1943)
Deep Sky (suite of 7), 1984
12.8 x 19.5 inches
Edition of 45
Signed and numbered in pencil

A leading artist in the “Light and Space” movement, James Turrell is best known for immersive art experiences that contemplate perception, light, color and space. The Deep Sky suite of prints represent seven vantage points of Turrell’s project at Roden Crater, an extinct volcano in northern Arizona, which for more than 30 years the artist has been transforming into a series of rooms and tunnels that open onto vistas of the desert sky as an exploration of the ways the eye perceives light.

See James Turrell: A Retrospective at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, now through April 6, 2014.

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