Fine Art Valuation

Andy Warhol Flowers
ANDY WARHOL, Flowers, 1970 (F. & S. II.73) , screenprint in colors, edition of 250, 36" x 36"

Perkey Fine Art specializes in valuation of contemporary art and Modern art. We do extensive research and provide written reports. As an art advisor and professional consultant fully engaged in the world of art for over twenty years, we have access to data in the primary, secondary and private art market, and we have the professional judgment to make an expert analysis.

For Insurance Purposes

If you would like to know the current value of your art in order to insure it, we provide you with a written Report of Replacement Value.

For Purposes of Sale

If you are thinking of selling your art, we prepare a written Report of Market Value. We can include both the valuation and an analysis of the market, including an evaluation of different methods of sale (auction vs. gallery consignment vs. private sale), and a recommendation for a marketing plan. If your retain Perkey Fine Art to sell your art, we will deduct the report fee from the commission when we sell your art.

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