Betty Gold Mallorca II 2014 steel sculpture

BETTY GOLD (American, 1935)
Mallorca II, 2014
Powder coated steel
28 x 24 x 22 inches
Courtesy FP Contemporary

Geometric-abstract sculptor and painter Betty Gold is widely known for her steel sculptures, creating monumental public works and smaller-scale sculptures that have been collected globally for more than fifty years.

Inspired by the cultures she has observed throughout her years of travel, Gold’s geometric sculptures resemble paper origami despite their steel construction. Turning 80 years old in February 2015, Gold is still as vital as ever, continuing to explore new ways to express the truth and universality of the geometric concept. The bold curved forms of “Mallorca II”, a recent work, intersect to create a dynamic movement of line and space, while the playful primary yellow color injects the work with an air of whimsy.

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