Art That Doubles as Home Decor

Damien Hirst Spot Clock and Spin Chair

Damien Hirst’s Spot Clock, left, and Beautiful Manic Spin Chair PHOTO: F. MARTIN RAMIN/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (CLOCK); OTHER CRITERIA/© DAMIEN HIRST & SCIENCE 2014

The Wall Street Journal interviewed art advisor Cheryl Perkey for this article, “No Frame Required: Art That Doubles as Home Décor”. Limited-edition home furnishings by fine artists can add a distinctive collectors’ sensibility to a space. You can bring works by some of the biggest names in contemporary art—from Damien Hirst to Cindy Sherman-into your home with functional, stylish (and relatively affordable) home decor multiples.

WSJ’s David Keeps reports “Jeff Koons’s multiples, in particular, have become trophies. In 1995, the artist released a signed edition of 2,300 porcelain plates and sold them through Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art for $250 each. On March 1, Los Angeles Modern Auctions expects to fetch between $10,000 and $15,000 for one.”

Though most such items can’t guarantee that return on investment, the cachet of owning a piece by a “big name” artist is enough for some. “Multiples by prominent artists can be thought of as designer [products],” said art adviser Cheryl Perkey. “It’s the same way someone might carry the Hermès handbag seen on the arms of A-list celebrities.”

Read the whole article and check out examples of hot home decor multiples by artists Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker and Damien Hirst in the Wall Street Journal.

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