Marilyn Minter Leggings

MARILYN MINTER, (American, 1948)
Leggings, 2009
Chromogenic Print (C-print)
59 3/8 by 44 1/2 inches

Marilyn Minter is like an alchemist who transforms grit into glamour. Her photographs and photo-realistic paintings, at once seductive, sensual and decadent, continue to be highly in demand with collectors and museums.

“Minter hones in on the imperfect trappings of high couture in large-scale color photographs and paintings that at once magnify, fetishize, and abject their subjects. The ambivalence in Minter’s works does not leave us any less seduced by them: we simply have a harder time cleaning up and simplifying the true nature of our much more complicated desires.”
-2006 Whitney Biennial Catalogue

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