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Resale of Art

Gain maximum benefit from the resale of your contemporary and Modern art

We advise you and handle all aspects of the sale:

Perkey Fine Art has years of experience selling art on behalf of our clients through various methods, such as auctions, gallery consignments, and private sales. As your art consultant, we analyze the current market and recommend which method may be best for your particular artwork, so you can net the highest amount upon sale.

When selling through an auction or a gallery, we negotiate favorable terms, review the contract, and handle communications and logistics. Perkey Fine Art has established relationships with the major auction houses, and we typically receive substantial discounts on auction seller fees. We pass the discount along to our client.

For private sales, we develop a marketing plan, implement it, find the buyer, negotiate with the buyer, handle invoicing and collection of payment, and arrange shipping and other services required to complete the transaction.

Should you require anonymity in the transaction, we maintain your privacy while handling all aspects of the sale for you.

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